Welcome in the world of PANEON

“Your World, Your Choice”

You can make the choice to accept all food and beverage that is offered to us by the industry.

Then You also accept the consequences. It is Your choice to live in a world of danger and disease.

Your choice could also be a world of health and happiness.

What is the reality in the "western" world
right now? Let's take a look at Europe:

Cancer and heart attack is at the worst
pandemic level You could imagine: they cause 8 of 10 deaths * .

However, you can protect yourself and Your beloved!
If You n
ote the alarms, You can eliminate the causes for those diseases in time:


Intolerance, Allergies, weak immune system, inflammation, auto -immune diseases, polyps, cysts, benign tumors


Skin, Hair, Nails, Connective tissue, joints, between vertebrae, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Veins, Thrombosis, Weak heart

The causes can be related also to a negative mindset, stress or a lack of sports activities.

But a
main cause is the intake of poor and dangerous food:

* Lack of important substances: Vitamins and other important Nutrients
* overload with chemicals, heavy metals and radioactivity

The simple solution: If the cause is removed, consequently the effect disappears
this simple effect works, of course, best in early states of most diseases.

It is, therefore mostly Your own choice for a life that is abundant in joy and happiness.

This choice you can make also for your pet.

Also 8 of 10 dogs and cats die too early to diseases
such as cancer, diabetes and kidney disease.

PANEON is very successful avoiding the causes.

But how to do?

In Britain we have no official establishment.

Therefore, our products are not labeled in English.

Our enthusiastic advisers have however already translated product labels.
Also, there are already translations of product and price list available.

For all EU citizens are entitled for private purchase of products
from Austria for personal use.
And so you are as well.

Just call +43 (0) 2236 32 03 17, tell us your name and number and we call You back!

Thank you for your trust. We are happy that we can contribute to your health


the PANEON team

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UID : ATU65980968

* Current study in 2013 , among others, published in the
for doctors named "Doktor in Wien" ("Doctor in Vienna").
"Infarction" is used as the collective term for all cardiovascular
diseases including fatal adverse drug reactions.

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